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Financial Advisory Services

This is a wide reaching area applicable over all of our client base and service offerings.

Fast Close Month End

Most organisations, be they commercial enterprises, government entities, municipalities, schools, universities or the local corner café would like to have information for the preceding financial month faster than usual.

Business Rescue

The 2008 Companies Act introduced Business Rescue (BR) provisions whereby any entity experiencing financial difficulties, but with a reasonable chance of turning around, can apply to undergo business rescue.

Tax Consulting

We provide tax consulting for business entities, individuals and trusts.


Since 1993 we have been conducting training in the financial space, both at formal tertiary education level as well as custom written in-house training.

Services to Individuals

Independent Trusteeships

Coupled against the backdrop of a C.A. qualification, we bring a wealth of experience to any Board of Trustees.


We have a fair sized database of business entities, NGOs, government departments and entities, and trusts for which we do the final accounting and preparation of financial statements.


Recently we were requested by the European Union to be part of a task team appointed to assist in the development of a strategic plan for the Pan African University.

Finance Director on Call

Most small to medium sized companies cannot afford a full time CA, but can make use of their services for a day or two per month, especially at month or year end, and budget time.

Deceased Estates

We have specialised knowledge in the administration of deceased estates, both from a SARS as well as a Master’s Office perspective.